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Billie Holiday Theater

Brooklyn, NY

Billie Holiday Theater (RestorationART) (BHT). Founded in 1972 by Herbert Scott Gibson, Executive and Artistic Director. Mission Statement: RestorationART promotes the rich legacy of the African and Caribbean Diaspora while using the arts as a vehicle for creative place-making, community enrichment and presenting art that seeks to strengthen democratic values, promote social justice and take on dialogues that inform and impact our community. 

Status: Met with current executive director, Dr. Indira Etwaroo, about the company’s archives. Collection size: onsite ca. 80 boxes. Dr. Etwaroo suggested I contact the former artistic director Marjorie Moon (who lives in New York) to see if she has any archival materials. Contact: Dr. Indira Etwaroo. BHT will be featured in BTC’s online video.