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Black Theatre Troupe

Phoenix, Arizona

Black Theatre Troupe. Founded in 1970 by Helen Katherine Mason. Mission Statement: The Black Theatre Troupe, Inc. has been providing training, employment and performance opportunities for multi-ethnic and under-served artists since 1970 and acts to make significant contributions toward fostering the arts, specifically theater, within the State of Arizona. It operates to enhance the cultural and artistic awareness of the community by providing productions that illuminate the African-American experience and culture. It is our purpose and mission to educate, enlighten, and entertain a diverse, multi-cultural audience by using local, regional and national talent with the emphasis on providing exposure to black culture and ideology. Status: In conversation with Mr. Ambrose about the theater’s records, part of which are with the estate of Ms. Mason and at the theater. Discussing a strategy to collect all archives and most appropriate way to work with the Estate. Collection size:unknown. Contact: Rod Ambrose.